Monday, August 3, 2009

July Mainframe News Letter

Hi All,

Following are the some of the good discussions happened from last one month in
If you are not an active member, feel free to post your queries at


How to find out which version of DB2, We are using.

Insert more then one row in SPUFI.

CASE expression in DB2 SQL


Discussion on SPLICE

DFSORT website URLs have changed

Splitting a file by counting records


EJECT verb in cobol

How to remove quotes in a string

What is the limitation of Linkage Section in COBOL


GDG Members exists or not - checking with a step.

Sending an Email from JCL with attachment

How to concatenate records from two ps into one ps?

How to convert a mainframe file to pdf format.

Admin announcements

DB2 Quick start ebook release

Start Member Award


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